Versus thrives in the universe of contrasts: everything and its opposite are part of its soul and complement each other.

Versus is the contradiction that makes sense, the rebellion that unites and thechallengetothe status quothatbreaks barriers and leaves allrules behind. Versus is like a watch that ticks that free spirit to choose when to be fashionably late or ahead of the curve.

The style of the new collection of watches is defined by the juxtaposition of the Versus symbols (the Lion, studs, and logo craze) with the nonconformist energy. The women’s Versus Watches are jewelry-inspired with a striking design that features a clean aesthetic that carries that unexpected character. In contrast, the men’s collection is bold with a rebellious tone that is distinctively Versus.

Dressed up vs. dressed down, DNA vs. future, Lower West Coast vs. Lower West Side –for a generation that chooses where and what to identify with, or whether to identify with anything at all. The Versus guys and girls have the power to decide whether to follow or go against the clock, always living for the moment and remembering that time well spent is never wasted.

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