The Inside Story

An antidote to the busy work day

A long day of work sitting at your desk often results in a stiff neck and sore back and there is no better way to relax than the latest addition to the SWG routine – the 15 minutes quick-fix-yoga.

I was frantically typing a mail when the tall, assertive yoga instructor wal...

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In Deep(a) Conversation

She is just back from her trip to Baselworld as I hunt her down to her work station. Her spinx-like smile intact, not a hair out of place and dressed in a black blouse and pencil skirt, she sits comfortably as I usher her to give me 10 minutes over green tea for a session of what I call “ ...

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A party in the Gatsby Mansion

The Swiss Watch Group annual dinner was a gala affair with the ladies and gentlemen dressed to the nines and waltzing to tunes of the saxophone playing in the backdrop.

Aspiring to recreate the grandeur of the parties of 1920’s, an era of glamour and decadence, the SWG A...

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